Our mission is to help small-medium startups and development groups to get started with a top-notch technologies and Agile methodology to improve current (migrate or create a brand new) software development life cycle.

Our primary focus is to save time and effort for our clients by helping them to implement the best practices of the modern world – solve problems around scalability, monitoring and automation by bringing onboard tools and services like Amazon AWS, Chef, Puppet, Jira, Jenkins and more. Make them work together in unison.

Our expertise goes back to more than a decade. Starting as a sysadmins and integration engineers, we have transformed to a highly demanded area of what we call now DevOps.

During this period we’ve acquired a rich hands-on experience with both mature and well hammered tools and technologies like Nagios, MySQL, Apache web and application servers suite, LAMP stack and more. And with a modern ones like Hashicorp suite (Vagrant, Packer, Consul, Vault and more). We atively using a configuration management tools like Chef and Puppet.

We have an expertise in a number of open source SCM’s like Git, Mercurial, SVN and CVS.

Being a Linux experts, we help to optimise this operating system to the level that maximises a hardware resource usage and cuts the cost of ownership.

While our primary focus is on public cloud services like Amazon, we also help our customers to implement their own on-premise solutions like VMWare clusters, centralized storage systems and more. Build hardware datacenter infrastructure in a secure and manageable way.